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Hiroko-Cottle Image Studios Draper

p: 435.841.4546
e: hiroko@miyabi-us.com
w: www.miyabi-us.com

MIYABI is a private, exclusive hair styling salon created for a special and unique client – you! With my training at Yamano Beauty College, Toni & Guy, and Vidal Sassoon, combined with over 15 years of International hair styling experience in Tokyo, London, Auckland, and Salt Lake City, I can transform your hair from ordinary to extraordinary!

Your Name Catie Hansen
How long have you been at Image Studios 360?
4.5 years
What Location are you at + your studio #:
Draper Studio 115
Business Name:
Urban Fringe
Please list out all of the services you offer:
hair cuts, specialty color, extensions, waxing styling and up styling
LOVE – please share the love! Why did you choose Image Studios 360? What do you love about being at Image Studios 360?
I chose Image Studios to be able to have an unlimited amount of creativity in the services and products I could offer to my clients. Image studios gives me the freedom to have that creativity among offering a high end environment for my clients to enjoy and relax.
EDUCATION – please tell us about where you went to cosmetology school, and what license you currently hold:
I attended the JATC program through SLCC during High School and was able to graduate at the top of my class with my AAS degree and my cosmetology degree. I participated in State Cosmo competitions and placed 2nd and third at state. I currently also hold my Instructors license. I graduated in 2001 and have held a current license since.
EXPERIENCE – please list your professional experience going back as far as possible, including jobs held, education received, continuing education attended, etc.
I started working in the industry before graduation as a salon receptionist, once graduated I immediately went to renting a booth and have been an independent contractor my entire career. I have always been very interested in education and participated in attending advanced education and shows. I also had many mentors whom I learned and shadowed along the way. I have participated in Hair wars in Las Vegas with a salon team and we came in third in 2007. I am also a certified Makeup artist with extensive training in Airbrush makeup and have provided services on many photographic shoots and collections. I have worked for multiple manufacturing companies and now currently work for a global color manufacturing company, Affinage Salon Professional as their Education Director for North and South America. I am responsible for all our education content and development among training all education team members and working hand in hand with distributors around North America. I also participate in platform creative work along side our global ambassadors for the company. I have been a Director for the company since 2013. I have since attended Sassoon academy ABC cutting course and had creative color and cutting training courses in the UK. I will also be attending Hob’s academy in London in April of this year for an extensive cutting program and participating in conducting color education courses in the UK market. I will also participate and work along side multiple award winning global hair artists in the creative development in our Anniversary show in London this October and I will soley be representing the USA.
EXPERTISE – tell us what area(s) you specialize in and why you can be considered an expert in your field. Don’t be bashful, brag about yourself!
I am very diversed in the industry and have a great foundation of knowledge in many aspects but have an advanced knowledge and experience in working with color and the technical side of a color company. I work in product testing and hand in hand in technical training with our global Education trainer and our chemist to aquire the best technical education and knowledge to be able to deliver to our markets and fellow stylists the best quality information and creative learning experience.
TRENDS – What trends in the beauty industry are you currently loving right now?
I am currently loving the trend of not following a specific trend! I love seeing the freedom of individuality in what hairdressers around the globe are creating and really making a stamp on their own work!
STATE OF THE INDUSTRY – will you tell us why you feel education is important in this industry, and why you’re passionate about education?
Education is what validates this industry and is essential to keep the industry strong and growing. Without education there is no growth. I believe everyone should have the ability to attend classes and they shouldn’t be so far out reach for the average stylist. There should be no boundaries on learning and the ability to be as creative as you desire no matter if your just starting in the industry or a seasoned stylist looking to re inspire yourself. Education is for everyone and should not be limited to anyone no one is too big or too small to grow in this industry!
Wax Me Too at Image Studios Draper

STUDIO 125/126
p: 801.572.7771
e: jojo@waxmetoo.com


“From brows to toes & everything in-between” Wax Me Too is Utah’s premiere “waxing only” salon and we specialize all body waxing, especially the brazilian for both women and men. We do several thousand brazilian-bikini waxes each month.

2012 KSL Customer’s Choice Award for Best Waxing
2013 KSL Customer’s Choice Award for Best Waxing

Laura Bradford Image Studios Draper Esthetecian

p: 801.367.5141

I am the owner of Salis Skincare. I started Salis Skincare because I wanted to help people of all ages achieve beautiful skin. I had really bad acne for 13 years of my life. It was horrible and very embarrassing. I actually went on Accutane twice – which I do not recommend. Only after changing my diet and what I put on my skin, did it dramatically improve! Now I love sharing ways that can help any person improve their skin with simple and easy changes. I really believe that anyone can heal his or her skin, especially after my own painful journey.

After graduating from Brigham Young University, I decided to pursue my passion in skincare. I started out with offering facials at Salis Skincare located in Image Studios in Draper. Since I had been telling so many people to use salt in their skincare, I also decided to start manufacturing a salt scrub that people could use to wash their faces everyday. After researching different brands of salt scrubs on the market, I decided to create my own; one that contains pure, mineral-rich salt and high-quality, organic ingredients. After making this simple one-step cleanser and moisturizer for friends and family, I decided to start retailing my product at my spa. Very quickly, I began selling it at other locations in Utah, including Real Foods Market in Orem, Heber and St. George. The response has been phenomenal!

I also am very passionate about teaching skincare and have taught numerous classes at Real Foods Market in Orem and Heber, Utah. I have also been a guest speaker at The Healing & Wholeness ExpoThe LDS Holistic Conference 2012, Skin Science Institute,Snow College, and various church groups.

I have helped many people get better skin with my salt scrub and other simple tips and tricks. Skincare is my passion, and I hope to help you with any skin problems that you may have!

Rachelle Hansen Image Studios Draper

p: 801.301.3617
e: hairrack@me.com

I have been in the cosmetology field for seven years. I am very passionate about what I do. I customize each and every service to best suit what works best for my clients. I love coming to work each and every day and being a day maker to each and every one of you.


p: 801.380.3757

I’ve known since I was 10 years old what I wanted to do ‘when I grew up’…and I’m so glad I followed through with my dream! I have been a hairstylist for 13 years. I feel so blessed that my career is something that I am so passionate about and that has brought so many special people into my life. The fact that I get to do what I love AND make friends all at the same time is truly amazing.
On-going education is a MUST for me. This is what keeps me passionate each and every day. I go to several education classes a year and love learning the newest trends. Venturing out on my own was always a goal for me and I am looking SO forward for what is yet to come!!!




STUDIO 112/113
p: 801.556.3514
e: s_j_joseph@hotmail.com


p: 801.358.6531


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p: 801.232.7252
e: hothairchick@gmail.com

Catie is an accomplished hairstylist and make-up artist with over 13 years experience. Her natural passion to fulfill her clients’ needs is her top priority. She adds her own personal flair and perfectionism to complete each look the client is seeking.

She has an eye for what a person needs to go from beautiful to breathtaking. Working in such a diverse field led her to explore many avenues of the industry to complete the look she wants to create. Catie now represents one of the leading hair color lines in the world, Affinage Salon Professional as their Education Manager for USA. Her training and experiences has allowed her to become exceptionally knowledgeable in Color among other services. She specializes in color, texture, extensions, airbrush makeup, cutting and styling from daily wear to Avant Garde. Because of her constant want for knowledge she is always up to date with the latest and greatest. Catie can help you create a highly individual look that will compliment you in the very best way.

Carly-Warner Image Studios Draper

p: 801.244.8164
e: carly.warner1015@gmail.com


Most of our clients are in recovery when receiving a massage at Cradle Your Soul, whether its recovery from the gym, or recovery from their daily life of stress, anxiety, or depression. We focus on empowering our clients. We want people to have the inner strength and courage to create the life that is available to them.

WISDOM, POWER, AND TRIBE are our governing principles.





p: 801.688.3118
e: herohair801@gmail.com

With a passion for both color and cut, Robert loves a challenge and can create anything from classic beauty styles to the most up to date, current, edgy looks. With such an easy-going and infectious personality, Robert will not only be your stylist, but also your friend. His fashion forward style gives him a great perspective so that he can even assist you in deciding what look will best suit your unique image and personality. He continues his education progress throughout his career and believes that you never stop learning, and will continue to perfect his art for many more years to come.


p: 801.618.0842

Our Draper Hair Salons mission is to be devoted in providing personalized attention to the fashion forward and service oriented client via absolute mastery of hair art and all it intricacies.

We are committed to creating a unique friendly un-salon enviroment relaxing atmosphere, Draper Salons Moxie strives to entertain each individual with utmost respect and professionalsim.

We welcome ladies and gentlemen of all ages. Call us for your next hair or grooming appointment and discover the perfect experience and style you deserve.

At Moxie Hair Salon in Draper, you get access to some of the most creative and experienced hair stylists in Utah. Whether you’re looking for a hot new trendy hair style or have difficult-to-manage hair, we have the innovative, professional stylists to deliver the look you want. Our full-service beauty salon located in downtown Draper, Utah, features a full menu of hair care and nail care services designed to enhance your overall beauty and bring out the best in you.

At our Hair Salon Moxie , you get access to some of the most creative and experienced hair stylists in Salt Lake City. Whether you’re looking for a hot new trendy hair style or have difficult-to-manage hair, we have the innovative, professional stylists to deliver the look you want. Our full-service beauty salon located in Draper Utah, features a full menu of hair care and body care services designed to enhance your overall beauty and bring out the best in you.


Megan Oviatt Salon Director Image Studios

p: 801.792.9695

Bree Miner Image Studios Draper

p: 801.386.1460

I have always had a Passion for art, fashion, and being creative. So naturally I was drawn to this industry. As a young girl I had a strong opinion and was very particular about my own hair. Growing up I often had friends ask me to do theirs. I soon realized this was my calling and chose to run with it. I feel very lucky to get the chance to live out my dream. It’s so rewarding to be able to make people look as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. I am truly blessed to have the chance daily to use my creative outlet while also making a life for myself because of it. I love my career!

Image Studios Draper Nail Tech Janna Little

p: 801.560.8377
I have been licensed for 25 years in this industry. I continue my education by taking classes to keep up on the latest designs and techniques. I also have my teaching certificate.

Gina Hayes Nail Tech at Image Studios Draper

p: 801.979.0696
e: geaniebikini@q.com

I have done nails for 20 years. I have owned and operated my own salon Elementz Salon Day Spa. I worked with great people there and eventually sold it. I love what I do. I do awesome pedicures white tip nails and gel polish. I have kept a full clientele and love each and everyone of them.

Image Studios

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Image Studios

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Image Studios

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Image Studios

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Image Studios

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Image Studios

p: 801.455.6329

I have been a hair stylist for over 27 years, I love my job. Doing hair is definitely an art and a bit of logic. There’s a lot of thought into choosing the best cut, style & color for each & every client. Hair color & color corrections are part of my strengths. I am very confident with choosing the right formula & application with each of my clients. I feel it’s important to change it up every once in awhile, it’s what makes life so fun.