Maile Eubank

Maui Browi | San Clemente, CA

638 Camino de Los Mares E200, San Clemente, CA 92673

Services Offered

Brow lamination
Lip Blushing
Skin Care


I was born in San Clemente in an Orphanage but grew up in Fresno, California after my parents adopted me at 5 years old. My father is a hard worker and adventure sport enthusiast who raced professionally and owned a motorcycle shop and my mother is a strong business minded woman that successfully paved her way through the financial banking world. I always give them kuddos for who I've become and my successes in life. They are THE BEST! Growing up I was obsessed with 5 things.
  1. Business
  2. Health and wellness
  3. Traveling the world
  4. Learning from other cultures
  5. Beauty / skincare.
At 19, I moved to LA where I got my start as an Office Manager for a Cancer Doctor. This is where I learned about health and disease. To this day him and his family are still my great friends. I decided I needed more financial growth opportunity so I transitioned into Multifamily Real Estate, I was also a freelance makeup artist on the weekends. I've always had a natural skill set with anything beauty related and I wanted to pursue it more as a passion versus a career. After over a decade of success in Real Estate and Tech I decided to leave the corporate world behind and go back to pursuing my passion, but this time as a career. I wanted to be my own boss, create my own core values and have financial and lifestyle flexibility. So.....
  • I studied Microblading and Lip Blushing at Allure Academy in Los Angeles last year and devoted 6 months to training and practice prior to offering any services.
  • Every month I offer 2 pro bono cases for cancer patients prior to going through chemotherapy. (It's common to lose your eyebrows too).
  • Brow Lamination is a huge trend that's a great addition or alternative to microblading.
  • I also sell Rodan + Fields skin care because it's the best on the market due to their combination of Stanford training / education and the amount they've invested into dermatological medical research and development just so they can give customers the Dermatologist grade skincare without the appointment. I use it religiously!
  • Lastly, you will hear me talk about the many health benefits of Kangen Alkaline Water as well. If you are unfamiliar with why your body thrives in an alkaline (High pH) state and disease thrives in a low pH (acidic) state I am more than happy (in fact it would make my day) to follow up with more information. Just ping me on my cell!
Cheers and I'm excited to meet and get to know you!
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