About Us


It’s all about creativity…freedom…success

After many late night meetings, phone calls, road trips across the country (and sketches on who knows how many napkins), Image Studios 360 was born. He teamed up with his brother Shaun, and engaged the help of industry pro Megan Oviatt to help create the first Image Studios 360 located in Draper, Utah.

As Image Studios 360 continued to develop and grow, we quickly identified our core values of creativity, freedom, and success. There is an entire universe filled with values, but these core values truly embody everything we do at Image Studios 360. They guide our company and define our culture, they help explain why we do business the way we do, they guide us in making decisions, and they articulate what we stand for. These core values resonate with each person who is part of the Image Studios 360 family, which is why we find such a close connection with each of our salon professionals.

Professional Network

When you join the Image Studios 360 Family, you instantly become a part of a larger, far-reaching group of salon professionals. The people at Image Studios 360 represent the top 10% of the beauty industry; these are the pioneers, the leaders, the visionaries, that have made it to this point in their career and now own their own salon at Image Studios 360.

Business Support

When you move in to any Image Studios 360, you will receive our info packet and salon startup checklist which includes all the major things you will need to do to start your own business. This helps relieve you from the stress of starting your own salon with a proven blueprint to help get you going.

Industry Training

Enjoy the ongoing industry training when you join Image Studios 360. Offered monthly, you can enjoy continuous education to improve your skills and expertise to keep you at the top of your game, which in turn keeps you in high demand with your clients.