8 Social Media Strategies & Tips That Helped Me As a Creative

September 14, 2022

By: Matthew Landis, Industry Expert

Some professionals love posting on social media and have figured out how to win at it, while others struggle to make it part of their routine. Here are some tips that helped me make it easier, less stressful, and ultimately more successful. 

1. Start with a clear goal. 

What are your overall goals? For most, the goal is simply to increase business. Your social media presence should highlight and enhance the amazing services you provide. Two-thirds of new clients come from referrals, so keep reminding your existing clients why you’re fabulous and why they should send new business your way. 

2. Plan ahead using our 45-Day Marketing Planner. 

Take a few hours and plan out the kind of content pillars you want to share, then build a calendar around them. (Don’t forget to “Make a Copy” and save it to your personal Google Drive.)

3. Bundle filming into one session.

Plan a few hours once or twice a month to do all of your photos and filming at once. Have a few outfit changes on hand to get several weeks worth of content done in just an hour or two. 

4. Keep a lighted tripod handy and film while you work. 

I love my Viozon extendable selfie stand because it has several lighting settings, and it folds itself into a little white brick when I’m not using it, so it’s great for small spaces with limited storage. You can attach your phone and film while you work, then edit later. 

5. Share your message across multiple platforms

Most professionals use Instagram exclusively, but don’t forget to meet your ideal client where they like to engage online. Remember to keep your Google listing updated, since that’s where most people are going to search for you to make an appointment or find your location. Ask for clients for reviews that you can share across multiple platforms. 

6. Check your analytics regularly. 

This will help you know how people are engaging with you, so you can adjust future content accordingly. 

7. Have fun with it!

If it ain’t fun, it will show in what you’re posting, and authenticity is paramount. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. The only way to get better at something is repetition, so keep posting! 

Bonus: It’s ok to take a break too. 

An active social media presence is a great way to build your reputation and your business, but it’s not the only way. If it feels overwhelming to you or you find that it’s affecting your mental health, take a break, or walk away from it. As an IMAGE Pro, you are a success already, and you’ve come a long way to get where you are. Trust your instincts, and enjoy it. 

As an industry expert and independent professional himself, Matthew teaches success to IMAGE Pros® by sharing his best practices from years of experience.

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