Calculating the Lifetime Value of a Client

December 10, 2013

Do you have clients who have been coming to you for years, and then have other clients who come for a couple of appointments, only to never be seen again? Most of us shrug it off as no big deal, but when you realize the value of a lifetime client (the actual $$$ that client brings to you over their lifetime with you), it may make sense to reach out to past clients you haven’t seen in a while to try and get them back in.

To calculate the value of a lifetime client you would do the following:

So if a client with an average ticket of $75 visits you 5 times a year, then that single client brings in about $375. If you typically retain clients for an average of 4 years, multiply $375 per year X 4 years and you get $1,500. This would be your typical lifetime value of one client. ONE. It’s a little scary to think what you lose when a client stops coming!

With that said, what discounts or special offers would you do to gain just one more retained client? What could you do to contact them to get them back in? Do you know when their birthday is? How about their anniversary? If you have no client info records, that is a whole other topic, and will be addressed in an upcoming blog.

Reactivating old clients and getting them back into your schedule is also the cheapest way to build your business quickly and effectively. They already know who you are, they’ve been to you before, all you need to do is figure out how you can get them back in your chair!

Think of it this way – they are sitting in someone else’s chair. Why? If they are going to sit in any chair, it needs to be yours! Start today with an action plan on how you can make this happen. Your wallet will thank you!

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