IMAGE Studios Salon Suites continues rapid expansion in Denver

Calling all health, beauty, and wellness entrepreneurs! IMAGE Studios opened their newest salon suite location in Thornton. IMAGE Studios Owner, Stacy Read couldn’t be more excited to bring this great opportunity to Denver. She raves, “As IMAGE Studios continues to expand around the Denver Metro area, we are thrilled to see our amazing IMAGE Pros grow their current business as well as support those just starting on their new business journey.”

IMAGE has opened 4 locations in the metro area with another 5 planned for next year. They are providing lash artists, MUA’s, injectors, hair artists, estheticians and more with the opportunity to break out of the traditional mold and raise their game in a space that is next-level gorgeous, all while receiving business classes, support and apps that are second to none. Realizing the flexibility and freedom that IMAGE offers, professionals around the nation continue to advocate for the brand and benefit from founding their business at IMAGE Studios Salon Suites.

How Gratitude Can Alleviate Stress & Anxiety

By: Matthew Landis, Industry Expert

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s one of the few that are about just bringing people together over a shared meal to simply express our gratitude for the many people and things that shape our lives. 

As we head into what for most of us is our busiest season, it can be easy to let stress and anxiety consume us, but science tells us that by practicing simple exercises in gratitude we can alleviate some of the stress. 

Psychology Today recently reported that gratitude can lower our levels of the stress-related hormone, cortisol, by around 23 percent. Gratitude has also shown a remarkable ability to reduce stress among caregivers, which includes professionals like us, trying to please and take care of people all day long. It can even significantly reduce anxiety about starting something new, like going into business for yourself. Brain scans have also shown that gratitude can change the brain and rewire it for happiness and success. 

Keeping a gratitude journal is one way that helps me start every day on a good path, before I check emails, text messages, social media, or the news. I use an app called the 5-Minute Journal. It’s simple to use and it’s on my phone, the one thing that is with me for most of my day. I have struggled with anxiety most of my life, and it used to begin when I would wake up. My anxiety was so bad, I never used an alarm, because I would wake up in a panic about everything I had to get done that day, but having this journal to talk about the events of the day before going to sleep helps me release things, and having it when I wake up helps me see the world in a more positive light, rather than so much of the doom and gloom we are bombarded with today.

As a professional, I am grateful all of my friends that I have worked with over the years, for all of my clients who pay me to do creative things and share a conversation, for the beautiful spaces I’ve been able to work in, for all of the opportunities and doors that have opened because of it, for the energy it gives me (and sometimes takes), for the many invaluable lessons I have learned, acquired skills, knowledge, and life lessons in general. 

What are you grateful for?

Matthew Landis

7 Reasons Why Being Your Own Boss Is The Best

By: Matthew Landis, Industry Expert

1. Freedom

Many of us thrive when given the power to control our own destiny. Almost everyone has that ability, and yet many are too afraid to exercise it. Our IMAGE Pros are creative visionaries, and having your own business enables you to turn those dreams into reality for yourself and the people in your life.

2. Flexibility

You have the ability to structure your business in a way that enables you to have a richer, fuller life outside the studio as well. 

3. Choice

Being your own boss enables you to make your own schedule, choose to work alone in your studio or with someone you trust and enjoy, set your own prices, and build the clientele you want. 

4. Money

Being your own boss means more responsibility, but it can also mean more money. More money = more freedom!

5. Passion & Fun

You set the tone and the environment for your studio. You chose your specialization because it was something you were excited about, and you wanted to have fun doing it!

6. Relationships

Barbra Streisand put it best: People who need people are the luckiest people in the world. Life is about relationships and connections, and it’s a gift we get to experience on a regular basis, and get paid for it!

7. Pride

Designing your studio, building your business, showing off your work, and seeing the smiles you make—what feels better than that? 

Matthew Landis is IMAGE Studios® superstar Industry Expert. As an independent professional himself, he continues to use his knowledge to empower others to know their worth in the beauty, health, & wellness environment.

Follow him on Instagram @TheLandis

IMAGE Studios® Lafayette: Where Creatives Play

IMAGE Studios® Lafayette was featured in an amazing article published by City Lifestyle Denver, CO.

(Originally published in Broomfield Lifestyle)

Read about IMAGE Studios® Lafayette to learn about the talented IMAGE Pros® at this gorgeous location, and the owner that created this incredible space, Stacy Read. In this article, Stacy emphasizes the importance of creating an environment of supportive and collaborative professionals.

“Not only does this create a “one-stop shop” for many of our clients,” Stacy says, “but it also allows the IMAGE Pros to work with one another, share clients, and creates a space that thrives outside the realm of only one business offering.  We are proud of how this group supports one another.”

– Stacy Read, IMAGE Owner

Read the full article here!

Meet Adrienne: IMAGE Studios® Alpharetta Owner

Adrienne Sienkowski and her husband Phil are bringing IMAGE Studios® to Georgia! In this article by ShoutOut Atlanta, Adrienne had the opportunity to share her experience as a business owner, and how she continues on the entrepreneurial path her family took. Read about what attracted her and Phil to IMAGE and what brought her to where she is now in this exciting feature!

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others.

When asked if she would like to give a shoutout to anyone, Adrienne said, “My family. I’m so fortunate to be able to stand on the foundations they’ve laid. The IMAGE Studios® family. This is a fantastic group of owners that are supportive, passionate about their business and the businesses who have place their trust in IMAGE Studios®. The IMAGE Studios® Professionals. This is an amazing, talented, diverse group of beauty professionals that have fire, insight, and drive that inspires me every day.”

Read the full article here!

8 Social Media Strategies & Tips That Helped Me As a Creative

By: Matthew Landis, Industry Expert

Some professionals love posting on social media and have figured out how to win at it, while others struggle to make it part of their routine. Here are some tips that helped me make it easier, less stressful, and ultimately more successful. 

1. Start with a clear goal. 

What are your overall goals? For most, the goal is simply to increase business. Your social media presence should highlight and enhance the amazing services you provide. Two-thirds of new clients come from referrals, so keep reminding your existing clients why you’re fabulous and why they should send new business your way. 

2. Plan ahead using our 45-Day Marketing Planner. 

Take a few hours and plan out the kind of content pillars you want to share, then build a calendar around them. (Don’t forget to “Make a Copy” and save it to your personal Google Drive.)

3. Bundle filming into one session.

Plan a few hours once or twice a month to do all of your photos and filming at once. Have a few outfit changes on hand to get several weeks worth of content done in just an hour or two. 

4. Keep a lighted tripod handy and film while you work. 

I love my Viozon extendable selfie stand because it has several lighting settings, and it folds itself into a little white brick when I’m not using it, so it’s great for small spaces with limited storage. You can attach your phone and film while you work, then edit later. 

5. Share your message across multiple platforms

Most professionals use Instagram exclusively, but don’t forget to meet your ideal client where they like to engage online. Remember to keep your Google listing updated, since that’s where most people are going to search for you to make an appointment or find your location. Ask for clients for reviews that you can share across multiple platforms. 

6. Check your analytics regularly. 

This will help you know how people are engaging with you, so you can adjust future content accordingly. 

7. Have fun with it!

If it ain’t fun, it will show in what you’re posting, and authenticity is paramount. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. The only way to get better at something is repetition, so keep posting! 

Bonus: It’s ok to take a break too. 

An active social media presence is a great way to build your reputation and your business, but it’s not the only way. If it feels overwhelming to you or you find that it’s affecting your mental health, take a break, or walk away from it. As an IMAGE Pro, you are a success already, and you’ve come a long way to get where you are. Trust your instincts, and enjoy it. 

As an industry expert and independent professional himself, Matthew teaches success to IMAGE Pros® by sharing his best practices from years of experience.

IMAGE Studios salon suites blasts into Ohio with record opening! 

IMAGE Studios®, a leader in the salon and spa studio space, has opened its newest location and first in North Canton, OH by IMAGE Owners, Jon & Stephanie Miller. IMAGE is part of a burgeoning trend in the beauty, health, and wellness business, which leases turnkey salon suites to entreprenuers looking to open their own business, empowering business owners, and growth in the growing $63 billion beauty industry. 

Founder and CEO, Jason Olsen, commented, “It is incredible to have high caliber franchisees like Jon & Stephanie to introduce the IMAGE Studios® brand in Ohio. They will be joined by locations in Cleveland and Columbus this year, along with new stores in Pittsburgh and Lexington – IMAGE is booming across the region.”

“We are elated to open up at near capacity in our first location,” said IMAGE Owner, Stephanie Miller. “IMAGE Studios® is the best in coworking salon suites. We set the highest standard for design and support for our professionals, and I am so excited to be part of this journey! Our location will be a benchmark for cutting edge design.”
There are currently 30 open, and 145 IMAGE Studios® Salon Suites in development throughout the US and this number increases month over month. IMAGE Studios® is an exclusive salon suite that creates modern, high-end salon spaces at affordable rates for salon professionals – this makes it possible for professionals to become successful entrepreneurs. IMAGE Studios® provides a unique opportunity by bringing together like-minded professionals and the guidance of mentors invested in the success of their business owners.

Per My Sun Coast

Equality Utah Certifies IMAGE Studios® as a Business Equality Leader

IMAGE Studios® is now certified as a Business Equality Leader. The BEL Program via Equality Utah explores important workplace training in racial, gender, and LGBTQ+ experiences. This completion of certification is one of many reasons IMAGE Studios® was voted Inc.’s Annual Best Workplaces of 2022. This constant commitment of acceleration in progress and education is an amazing piece that places IMAGE Studios® at the top of the salon suites industry.

Equality Utah, is the state of Utah’s largest LGBTQ civil rights organization. Equality Utah leads efforts for LGBTQ civil rights at the state and local levels by: sponsoring LGBTQ legislation and opposing negative bills; lobbying elected officials; building coalitions; and empowering individuals and organizations alike to engage in the legislative process.

IMAGE Studios® Ranked on Inc. Magazine’s Annual List of Best Workplaces for 2022

Salt Lake City, Utah, May 10, 2022 ll IMAGE Studios® has been named in Inc.’s Annual Best Workplaces list. The list results from a comprehensive measurement of American companies that have excelled in creating exceptional workplaces and company culture, whether operating in a physical or virtual facility. 

IMAGE Studios® recently opened its new corporate experience center and HQ in Salt Lake City, bringing together its highly passionate and talented corporate leaders. The brand is shaping the future of entrepreneurs in the beauty, health, and wellness industries! Team members’ insights, support, and innovation empower the nationwide group of franchisees and the local small business owners at each of the locations.

After collecting data from thousands of submissions, Inc. announced the highest-ranking companies. Each company that was nominated took part in an employee survey, conducted by Quantum Workplace, which included topics such as management effectiveness, perks, fostering employee growth, and overall company culture. The organization’s benefits were also audited to determine overall score and ranking.

Founder and CEO, Jason Olsen celebrated, “This is an impressive recognition and speaks to the caliber of our team and company culture. At IMAGE, we firmly believe in the power of creating “space” – space for connection, space for support, space for beauty, and above all, space to be yourself. Our people are paramount to our success and our collective vision, internal connections, and corporate environment nurture and evolve the culture at IMAGE. ”

COO, Taylor Lamont commented, “The focus at IMAGE is on our people, diversity, culture, ideas, and the investment in our employees. Every layer of our company is entrenched in support, education, and empowerment, from our professionals to owners, to employees. IMAGE is best-in-class in training and professional development so our employees can thrive in success and fulfillment in their careers. I am so proud of our people and what we’ve created together.”

IMAGE Studios® is an exclusive franchise that provides modern, high-end salon studios at affordable rates to salon professionals. IMAGE has locations across 17 states with 148 more in development nationwide. In addition, IMAGE Studios® has its own smartphone app, IMAGE Pro by GlossGenius, an all-in-one business suite tool helping salon owners run their businesses more efficiently. High-end and modern designed studios, smart apps, and a visionary leader make IMAGE Studios® a trendsetter in the salon suite industry.

Per Source Yahoo Finance

IMAGE Studios® Salon Suites opens its first Charlotte, NC location! 

IMAGE Studios®, the luxury leader in the salon and spa coworking space has opened its first location in Charlotte, NC! IMAGE Studios® houses turnkey salon suites for beauty, health, and wellness entrepreneurs with locations already open in Raleigh and Wake Forest. This coworking business model empowers the growth of small businesses in the ever-expanding $63 billion beauty industry. 

Charlotte IMAGE Owner Alnessa Goodwin commented, “IMAGE Studios® gives professionals the freedom to be their own boss with no limit on their creative possibilities or the level of success that can be achieved. It has been amazing to welcome such a great group of small business owners into our space!” 

“2022 will be another monumental year for IMAGE as we open locations across the Carolinas. Thanks to an incredible team of IMAGE Owners and professionals – Wilmington Beach, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, and more will open their doors to beauty professionals this year,” said IMAGE Studios® CEO Jason Olsen. “Charlotte is an amazing example of how we create modern, high-end salon spaces at affordable rates for salon professionals – this makes it possible for professionals to become successful entrepreneurs.”

There are currently 170 IMAGE Studios® Salon Suites in development throughout the US and this number increases month over month. IMAGE Studios® is an exclusive salon suite that creates modern, high-end salon spaces at affordable rates for salon professionals – this makes it possible for professionals to become successful entrepreneurs. IMAGE Studios® provides a unique opportunity by bringing together like-minded professionals and the guidance of mentors invested in the success of their business owners.

IMAGE Studios Salon Suites Named as Top Influencers of 2022

IMAGE Studios® Chief Operating Officer, Taylor Lamont, has been included in the Top 15 Influencers in 1851 Franchise’s 2022 list of its 175 most influential people in franchising. Whether franchising a business, buying a franchise, or growing a franchise, tapping into the franchise world’s thriving community of collaborative influencers is vital to a brand’s success. 

Founder and CEO, Jason Olsen celebrated, “We are very proud of the amazing team we have established at IMAGE. Taylor is a powerful leader and this recognition is the result of his ability to find the right talent, execute in all areas of the business, and positively influence others to do the same. The IMAGE Studios® team crushed it again in 2021, opening stores across Colorado, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Oregon, and Utah. We’re on track to open 40 new stores and award another 120 locations in 2022!”

Taylor Lamont commented, “I’m honored by the recognition and share this with my team nationwide. Their hard work and dedication to our people, our company, and the industries we serve drive our company’s culture and ultimately our success. I’m thrilled to work alongside our talented team and entrepreneur collective at IMAGE as well as the leaders in franchising throughout the country.”

Taylor joined IMAGE Studios® in 2019 and assembled their high-caliber leadership team to support the company’s 171 locations in development. He has been pivotal in the brand’s transformative growth, awarding 67 locations in 2021 alone. In recent social media posts, Taylor boasted about the company’s culture and people-centric approach, stating after IMAGE Studios® implemented five additional annual holidays for team members to enjoy 3-day weekends every 3-4 weeks, IMAGE Studios now ranks in the top 10% of US companies for employee benefits.

IMAGE Studios® is an exclusive salon suite franchise that creates modern, high-end salon spaces at affordable rates for salon professionals, making it possible for professionals to become successful entrepreneurs. IMAGE Studios® provides a unique opportunity by bringing together like-minded professionals and the guidance of mentors invested in the success of their business owners.

Success Story: Matthew Landis Enjoys a Near-100% Rebooking Rate with GlossGenius

Creativity, curiosity, and connection. These are the values of Matthew Landis, owner of Matthew Landis Atelier in Salt Lake City, Utah. Matthew started his career in 1995 in Salt Lake City where he apprenticed as a hairdresser. In the early 2000s, he spent time working in New York City, Atlanta, and Miami Beach before returning to Salt Lake City to manage Sanctuary Day Spa. After seven years working at IMAGE Studios, in 2018 Matthew opened his own salon, Matthew Landis Atelier, in the chic neighborhood of 9th & 9th.

Matthew has been a color educator for most of his career, teaching for companies like Aveda, Davines, and L’Oreal Professionnel, and continues his partnership with IMAGE Studios as their Industry Expert and business coach. He is also the official hairdresser for ABC4 Utah, serving as stylist to their news team, and is a regular guest on Good Things Utah.

“Growing up, people like me didn’t become hairdressers, or at least that’s what I thought,” says Matthew. “I was a 4.0 student, most-likely-to-succeed, and was on the path to becoming an accountant or lawyer, but at 24 I had a quarter-life crisis. I met a bunch of hairdressers and saw how much fun they had – they got to wear cool clothes, listen to great music, move around all day, be creative, have a flexible schedule, and more than anything, make a lot of money. So I thought, well why not? Later, I got hooked up with Jason Olsen of IMAGE Studios who was starting this new Salon Suite concept. He’s an absolute genius and so supportive of entrepreneurs and business owners that he created this incredible environment for self-employed people in the health and beauty industry to thrive. Now I have a five-chair salon of my own.”


Over his career, Matthew had used a variety of booking and payment apps, including Booker, Mindbody, Vagaro, and Schedulicity, but found that none of them did everything he needed from them. From complicated setup to clunky appointment booking systems to payment processing that involved third-party companies such as Square, Matthew always found it cumbersome to deal with multiple solutions. As the IMAGE Studios Industry Expert, he decided to go with the solution they recommend and signed up for GlossGenius in July 2020.

Matthew was immediately impressed at how easy switching and setting up the app was – he used GlossGenius’ White Glove concierge service to transfer over all of his client information, notes, calendar, and services. All he had to do was provide a short bio that automatically populated on his beautiful new booking website. Matthew saw the benefit of using GlossGenius the very first time he checked out a client, cutting down what was a seven-minute process to just a couple of minutes. With the ability to keep a credit card on file, checking out clients after future appointments is even faster.

“Having everything in one place – from booking and website confirmations to payment processing and sales reports – it makes all the difference,” says Matthew. “Before I might have had to use two or three apps, all of which I was paying for, and I had to switch back and forth. But the first thing I loved about GlossGenius is that they did the setup for me – I went to bed one day and woke up and everything was done – it was just so easy. And it sounds so inconsequential and trivial, but I cannot stress how important the checkout process is. With GlossGenius, the checkout process is so much faster and smoother. I can take the money for the service, sell the client retail products, and make another appointment all in fewer steps and using just one app – which is incredible. I was delighted the first time that I used it and it’s one of the main reasons I have a near-100 percent rebooking rate.”


Matthew’s favorite GlossGenius features are the ones that help him stay organized. GlossGenius charges a flat 2.6 percent fee regardless of how a payment is processed, and he can track all revenue from credit cards to checks to cash and Venmo and see them all in one P&L report. He can upload all of his various expenses, including the vendor and category, and keep pictures of the receipts. GlossGenius also sends Matthew a text message with client notes before they arrive and another text message reminder after the appointment that he can respond to with new notes, which automatically populate in their client file. And when it was time to raise his prices, Matthew was able to set the email marketing parameters in GlossGenius to just the clients he had seen in the last two years.

With GlossGenius, Matthew can run his salon without the need for a receptionist, and whereas other apps charged him for each team member he added to the system, he pays the same $24 a month even though he has given staff access to the GlossGenius platform. Every Monday, GlossGenius sends Matthew a weekly review email that shows him how much time and money he has saved – about $30 a week just in payment processing fees.

“I teach a class on retirement and investing, and as I tell my students, if they take that $30 a week and invest it in the S&P 500 for 25 years they can generate an additional $600,000 for retirement,” says Matthew. “But GlossGenius also saves me hours and hours of potential frustration – I haven’t had a single minute of frustration with GlossGenius. As for the client notes feature, it’s an absolute game changer, it’s the coolest, most genius thing I’ve ever seen. Clients will say ‘Oh my god, I love what you did last time, do the same thing,’ so taking good notes is critical. I’m taking way better notes than I ever have in my entire career because I don’t have to remember to do it – it’s part of the whole process. GlossGenius makes communicating with clients faster and more efficient all around, and when it comes time to file my taxes in the Spring, I know I have all of my reports ready to go. Having used GlossGenius, I wouldn’t use anything else, and for anyone looking for a new solution, I would say that in 24 hours from now you’ll have a whole different, elevated, upgraded, sleek, and sexy experience for you and your clientele.”


IMAGE Studios Salon Suites named in the MountainWest Capital Network’s 2021 Utah 100

[Salt Lake City, Utah] — October 12, 2021 — IMAGE Studios® today announced it was named to the 2021 Utah 100, MountainWest Capital Network (MWCN)’s annual list of the fastest-growing companies in Utah. IMAGE ranked in the top 100 companies and was honored at the 27th annual Utah 100 Awards program, held at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.

Founder and CEO, Jason Olsen celebrated the recognition, “IMAGE has experienced transformative growth and brand evolution in the last 24 months – we started development in 12 new markets, 6 new states, and closed on 48 locations nationwide this year alone. We are a unique real estate investment opportunity, taking salon suites to a whole new level as we expand our nationwide footprint. We appreciate every IMAGE Owner who joins this incredible journey with us!”

IMAGE is a nationwide franchise with a luxury real estate model that is revolutionizing the future of the salon industry by empowering entrepreneurs in the franchising world as well as the beauty, health, and wellness industries. IMAGE Studios was responsible for the creation of 300+ small businesses last year, the majority run by women, and/or members of the LGBTQ+, Latinx, and Black communities. IMAGE Studios® continues to boom throughout 2021 and is well on its way to 300 locations sold by 2024.

“We congratulate all of this year’s Utah 100 companies for building outstanding businesses and making strong contributions to Utah’s economy,” said Dave Chase, Chairman of the MWCN Utah 100 committee. “These companies further advance Utah’s standing as an excellent place to do business.”

Recipients of the Utah 100 were chosen by the percentage of revenue increase of each company between 2016 and 2020.


About MountainWest Capital Network 

MountainWest Capital Network (MWCN) is the largest business networking organization in Utah, consisting of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, consultants, legal professionals, bankers, and educators. MWCN seeks to promote and recognize business growth and capital development in the state through a variety of award programs and activities.

Source – MountainWest Capital Network

Here We Grow Again in Florida!

IMAGE Studios has signed with our newest owners, Chris and Joey Johnson, to bring breath-taking studios to Jupiter, FL! We look forward to working with this team as they develop gorgeous locations!

IMAGE Studios® is an exclusive salon suite that provides modern, high-end salon spaces to beauty, health, and wellness professionals. Our affordable rates make it possible for professionals to become successful entrepreneurs.

Here We Grow Again!

IMAGE Studios has signed with our newest owner, Mallory Beaton, to bring more breath-taking studios to Tampa Bay, FL! We look forward to working with Mallory as she builds a studio to join the ranks of our other locations in Dunedin, Royal Palm Beach, and Delray Beach!


IMAGE Studios® is an exclusive salon suite that provides modern, high-end salon spaces to beauty, health, and wellness professionals. Our affordable rates make it possible for professionals to become successful entrepreneurs.

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