Beauty Industry Update Regarding PPP Loans

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There’s a lot of news out there right now, and it can be overwhelming during these uncertain times. IMAGE Studios is sorting through the noise to help you understand what it means for you & your business.

More PPP funding expected: Apply to be first in line

The government is expected to pass a new stimulus package this week which includes an additional $310 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), providing more sole proprietors, independent contractors, self-employed, and small businesses with the opportunity to receive the forgivable loan. With a high demand for PPP funds, it is likely that the additional funds will be distributed quickly. Many applications are already lined up to receive the next round of funding, so it is recommended that you apply as soon as possible to get your application in line. It’s highly recommended that you apply through your bank, as people with accounts get preferential treatment during this process.

What is the PPP?

PPP loans are part of the COVID-19 government stimulus program (CARES Act) and are made to help sole proprietors, independent contractors, self-employed, and small businesses cover payroll and other business expenses like rent and utilities. The original funds were quickly exhausted, and more are expected to be distributed soon. This includes payroll for yourself, even if you have 0 employees. When used for qualifying expenses, you may be eligible for a 100% forgiveness grant, meaning you wouldn’t need to pay it back if you meet their criteria (find more info here).

Am I eligible for the PPP if I don’t have any employees?

Yes, you can still apply for the PPP. Even if you’re a sole proprietor, independent contractor, or self-employed, and have no employees, you can apply. Your own net earnings count as qualifying payroll costs, which you can find on your 2019 Form 1040-C.

How do I prove my payroll costs?

Depending on your type of business, you can use your 2019 Form 940/941, 1040-C, K-1, tax returns or W-2 statements (if you issue them).

What To Do Now

Step 1: Gather Your Info

Here’s our complete list of business info you’ll need when it’s time to file the PPP application. When you access the application below, you’ll be walked through how to submit it.

  • Payroll records: you will need payroll tax forms (i.e. Forms 940 and/or 941) from January 1, 2019, to the most current filing. Note: You will need to be able to identify any employees paid over $100K. Sole proprietor or independent contractor? Get your 2019 1040 Schedule C too.
  • Tax returns: for the last two years. If you haven’t been in business that long, all tax returns you have.
  • 1099-Misc (if applicable): If you have filed form 1099-Misc and are counting contractor compensation as part of your average payroll, you will need to provide this form.
  • Copies of driver licenses: for business owners with ownership stakes of 20% or more
  • Voided check: from the account where the loan will be deposited.
  • 6months of bank statements: from your business accounts for the most recent six months of business.
  • PPP Worksheet: Download and fill out the PPP worksheet here. Watch this video for a step-by-step on how to fill it out.

Step 2: File Now

Apply now directly with your bank. Don’t delay. Even though funds have run out for PPP, it’s expected more money will continue to open up so it’s important to get your application in now to secure your position in the queue. If you do not have a banking relationship that you prefer to use, we recommend Cross River Bank.

Our partner, GlossGenius, is working with SBA approved Cross River Bank and they are continuing to accept applications ahead of the anticipated funding (even if you’ve never banked with them before). While they can’t commit to providing loans until the government approves the additional funding, it’s best to apply now so you’re first in line. Watch this video if you want help walking through the application and this video that will show you how to fill out the spreadsheet that is part of the application.

Please note: As of April 20, Cross River is still reviewing and accepting PPP applications, however, the funds allocated by the government for the PPP have run out. If additional funding is authorized, it may be helpful to apply now and get in line.


Step 3: Help Others 

There’s a lot going on, but thankfully there’s a lot of help. If you know other business owners struggling, please send this page to anyone you think should be applying for PPP.

SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Overview for Salon Professionals

PPP Overview


The Small Business Association Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is a program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The PPP program provides 100% federally guaranteed loans to small businesses, independent contractors and sole proprietors who maintain their payroll during this emergency. Importantly, these loans may be forgiven if borrowers maintain their payrolls during the crisis or restore their payrolls afterward.

This information is very important to our IMAGE Pros because as a sole proprietor or self-employed individual you can use these funds to continue to pay yourself during this crisis. To apply be sure to follow the steps outlined below. It’s important to apply as soon as possible if you think this program may be right for you because funds are limited.

Program Highlights

  • No collateral or personal guarantees required
  • No fees
  • No need to make loan payments for the first six months
  • All small businesses including sole proprietors and the self-employed are eligible
  • The loan has a maturity date of 2 years and an interest rate of 1%
  • The loan covers expenses dating back to February 15, to June 30, 2020
  • The loan can be forgiven

How much can I borrow?

The law says that your maximum loan amount is 2.5 times your average monthly “Payroll Costs” for 2019. If your business did not exist before June 30, 2019, your bank will look at your costs in January and February 2020. Payroll costs under the PPP program include:

For a sole proprietor or self-employed person: your monthly draw (take home profit), wages, commissions, income, or net earnings from self-employment, (capped at $100,000 annually).

For example, if your average monthly payroll is $7,000, you would multiply that by 2.5X, and your total loan amount would be $17,500 that you can use towards payroll, rent, and utilities for your business.

Remember: No more than 25% of your PPP loan may be used for rent or utilities; if you use more than 25% for non-payroll expenses it will affect the amount of loan forgiveness that you are eligible for after June 30, 2020.

Your “employment benefit costs” including costs for paid-vacation, parental, family, medical, or sick leave allowance for separation or dismissal; payments required for the provisions of group health care benefits including insurance premiums; and payment of any retirement benefit

State and local taxes assessed on compensation Not covered under “Payroll Costs” are:

  • Payments made to independent contractors
  • Payroll taxes, railroad retirement taxes and income taxes

How can I apply?

  1. Download and complete the form found here.
  2. Work with your bank or lender to submit the form.
  3. If you do not have a local banking relationship you can fill out an application through Boefly here. Boefly will help you find a bank.


What does the SBA PPP stand for? The Small Business Association Paycheck Protection Program.

Who is eligible? A small business with fewer than 500 employees, an individual who operates as a sole proprietor or independent contractor or an individual who is self- employed who regularly carries on any trade or business is eligible to apply. Sole proprietorships will need to submit schedules from their tax return filed (or to be filed) showing income and expenses from the sole proprietorship. Self-employed individuals will need to submit payroll tax filings reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

Will the PPP loan be forgiven? A borrower is eligible for loan forgiveness equal to the amount the borrower spent on the following items during the 8-week period beginning on the date of the origination of the loan: Payroll costs (using the same definition of payroll costs used to determine loan eligibility), Interest on the mortgage obligation incurred in the ordinary course of business, Rent on a leasing agreement, Payments on utilities (electricity, gas, water, transportation, telephone, or internet) For borrowers with tipped employees, additional wages paid to those employees. The loan forgiveness cannot exceed the principal. Also, because this program is intended to replace “Payroll,” only 25% of the forgiven amount may be business expenses not related to Payroll Costs.

How could the forgiveness be reduced? The amount of loan forgiveness calculated above is reduced if there is a reduction in the number of employees or a reduction of greater than 25% in “Payroll Costs” paid during the 8-week period after you receive the loan.

What can I use the PPP funds for? Payroll Costs, business related rent and lease payments, business related utilities, Interest on any other business-related debt obligations that were incurred before the covered period.

Can I use the PPP funds to pay myself? Yes. For Sole Proprietors, Independent Contractors, and Self-Employed Individuals you can use the loan to pay yourself your typical draw or salary.

Can I use the PPP funds to pay my studio rent? Yes. The funds are available to pay yourself AND pay your rent. That’s why the amount is 2.5 times your pay. Part to you, part to overhead like rent.

When can I apply? Lenders may begin processing loan applications as soon as April 3, 2020. The Paycheck Protection Program will be available through June 30, 2020.

Is this a loan or a grant? This is a loan. The loan could be be fully forgiven if the funds are used for payroll costs, interest on mortgages, rent, and utilities. Loan payments will also be deferred for six months. No collateral or personal guarantees are required. Neither the government nor lenders will charge small businesses any fees. This loan has a maturity of 2 years and an interest rate of 1%.

Who makes this loan? This loan is available through any existing SBA 7(a) lender or through any federally insured depository institution, federally insured credit union, and Farm Credit System institution that is participating. Other regulated lenders will be available to make these loans once they are approved and enrolled in the program. We suggest that if you have a bank you normally work with, then you apply with your local bank. If you do not have a bank, then you can apply through a company that will match you up with a bank such as Boefly.

Will I automatically get the loan? No. There will be an approval process, which will be based on your credit score and ability to repay the loan. How will anyone know how I used the money? The rules on this have not been written yet. You should anticipate that at some point in the future the SBA will ask you to show them how you used the money.

Can I still get the PPP loan if I am receiving unemployment benefits? This is a tricky question. While you should not be prohibited from getting PPP if you are also getting unemployment payments, this may negatively impact your ability to get loan forgiveness under the PPP because this forgiveness depends on your continuing your payroll during the crisis. If you are not paying yourself and, instead, are collecting unemployment, then you cannot claim those payments toward your forgiveness amount.

Will this loan hurt my credit? Any loan that you take will impact your credit and especially so if you do not pay the loan back. On the other side, this loan has generous repayment terms, a relatively low interest rate and repayment may be deferred for a year.

Do I apply as a sole proprietor or a business? If you have an EIN number (Employer Identification Number), you will use that number to apply as a small business. An EIN number is a nine-digit number assigned by the IRS. You would have received this number if you created a separate business entity for your studio. If you do not have an EIN number, you will apply as a sole proprietor and use your social security number.

If my credit isn’t good, should I still apply? Yes. The SBA has said that they will be flexible with these loans. Additionally, there are no fees to apply, so there’s no harm in applying.

Weave got the Power

Weave got the power!

IMAGE Studios® is the most exciting studio salon concept in the country.

IMAGE Studios® was designed for industry professionals like you, making it possible to have your own salon and be your own boss. Our concept is simple: we provide an incredible space and atmosphere – you bring your passion, talent, and clientele. Together we create an intoxicating formula for success.

Come and take a tour of our gorgeous space today, and lease your future!

Matthew Landis interview with Utah franchisee April Benincosa

Meet Mathew Landis – salon owner, entrepreneur, coach, interview by April Benincosa, Utah franchisee for Image Studios 360. April has four locations under her management in Utah, serving over 130 salon professionals. Image Studios 360 provides modern, luxurious salon studios at affordable rates. We believe in our core values of CREATIVITY FREEDOM & SUCCESS and our goal is to elevate the beauty industry to new heights with our education, support, and platform that enables people to easily open their own salon without the risk or investment it takes to open a traditional salon. We’re a beauty incubator that helps people reach new heights through salon ownership. Find out more at




Blood Sweat & Shears

Image Studios 360 empowers people like you to take the leap into salon ownership – realize your dreams by joining the IMAGE team today!

Create the Space you have always wanted!

Image Studios 360 was designed for industry professionals like you, making it possible to have your own salon and be your own boss. Our concept is simple: we provide an incredible space and atmosphere – you bring your passion, talent, and clientele. Together we create an intoxicating formula for success.


In The Line Of Beauty

IMAGE Studios® empowers people like you to take the leap into salon ownership – realize your dreams by joining the IMAGE team today!

Enjoy the Success You Deserve

Let’s face it – we’ve all worked our asses off in this industry for many years, and now it’s time to enjoy the success you deserve by enjoying the freedom of owning your own salon. The traditional salon business model is a dying breed (and a difficult one to survive with), while the Image Studios 360 business model paves an affordable and safe way to open your own salon without all the risk. Isn’t it time?

Salon Spotlight: My Studio 189 @ Image Studios 360 Draper

[metaslider id=5688]
Name: Tiffany L
Profession: Microblading & Master Nails Artist
Location: Image Studios 360 Draper
Studio Number: 102
Phone Number: 818.818.3627
Instagram: @mystudio189

Tell us about yourself:
 My name is Tiffanny L^ and I have been a qualified in Microblading & Nails for over 20 years. My experience here set the foundations of my career and confirmed to me that my passion in life was to make others feel BEAUTIFUL & SPECIAL.
My PASSION is to make you feel welcome, relaxed and receive a top quality service throughout your treatment experience with me.

How long have you been at Image Studios 360?
Over 2 years.

Why did you choose Image Studios 360? I decided to join the talented team of Image Studios 360 so I could provide luxurious beauty treatments to customers throughout Draper, Riverton, South Jordan, and Herriman.

Any awards, accomplishments or things you’re proud of in general? My nails art got pick to published in Nails Magazine & I won the Best Nails Award at Utah Halloween Expo 2016.

My favorite thing about my job is: Providing a unique, creative and quality experience that you all deserve. All of my art works are hand painted.

Image Studios 360 welcomes new Utah franchisee

Image Studios 360 is proud to announce the opening of its seventh Utah salon in Holladay, Utah. This salon opened in December 2017 and is located 20 minutes east of the Salt Lake City International Airport off of Holladay Boulevard. This new franchise location is home to 26 salon studios that are custom built for hair stylists, nail techs, estheticians, lash technicians, massage therapists, and makeup artists.

Our franchisee Jodie Jorgensen is available to assist with leasing inquiries and can be reached (801) 896-7172. Click here for more photos and information about this location.

Image Studios 360
2233 East Murray Blvd
Holladay, UT 84117



Image Studios 360 welcomes new Florida franchisee

Image Studios 360 Founder Jason Olsen with Lenka Ginsburg

Image Studios 360 is proud to announce the opening of its first Florida salon in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. This salon opened in November 2017 and is located in the Southern Palm Crossing retail center which is 55 minutes north of Fort Lauderdale and just a few minutes from Mara Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. This new franchise location is home to 24 salon studios that are custom built for hair stylists, nail techs, estheticians, lash technicians, massage therapists, and makeup artists.

Our franchisee Lenka Ginsburg is available to assist with leasing inquiries and can be reached (561) 515-4364. Click here for more photos and information about this location.

Image Studios 360
11041 Southern Blvd
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411




Image Studios 360 & Business Rockstars Podcast

See a video clip from the Business Rockstars podcast with entrepreneurial brothers Jason & Shaun Olsen, founders of Image Studios 360.

3 Difficult Clients and How to Deal With Them

The world of hair can be a magical and fulfilling place to express creativity, display expertise, and spend time with people you enjoy. However, every stylist knows that not all clients are fun to be around, especially when your feet are aching at the end of a long day.

The issue of how to deal with difficult clients is a big one, so we are sharing three of the most frustrating perpetrators, along with tips for how to manage them–without pulling anyone’s hair out!

The Chair Hopper

“I’ve been to five stylists in this town, and none of them can do my hair right.” If these are the first words out of a new client’s mouth, you are surely suppressing some major eye rolls. In a situation like this, where clearly you have a picky client that is already expecting you to fail, you need to focus on the customer experience. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if the beholder’s overall visit is a positive one, she is more likely to be pleased with her cut or color. It is easy to give up from the beginning, rush her through, and focus on the next client. Instead, spend a few extra minutes on that hair wash and give her a soothing scalp and neck massage. Compliment her clothing style and flatter her. Display confidence, not hesitation, while performing your art. If this client spends an hour being pampered and she enjoys your company, you can count on a better tip, a return visit, and a positive review.

The Consistently Late

This is the third appointment she has had with you, and the third time she has shown up 15 minutes late. Because there are several different reasons a client might be late, there are a few different techniques for how to deal with it. (1) If the client has shown a consistent pattern in her tardiness (always 5 minutes late, 10 minutes late, etc.) then plan for it in your scheduling. It is certainly annoying, but losing 10 minutes of productivity is easier than finding a new client. (2) If the client is sometimes late, sometimes on time, and it is difficult to predict, she most likely is attempting to be on time and will be open to a kind reminder that she is inconveniencing you. You want the client to be aware of her misdeed without embarrassing her so much that she won’t return. Try something like, “Good news! My next client is also running late, so we won’t have to rush your appointment today. We really lucked out.” (3) If your client does not warn you that she will be late, is always severely late, or simply does not show up to her appointments, drop her. You cannot risk the quality of service to your other clients in order to accommodate such an unreliable one. If you go this route, simply “always be booked” when she calls for an appointment, rather than dropping her outright. This will prevent a scathing review on Yelp.

The “My Cousin is a Stylist, so…”

This client believes that she knows as much as a stylist simply because she knows a stylist. She believes you are using the wrong color formula, should change your styling products, and so on. Rather than argue or disagree with this type of client, which is a completely natural reaction, act as if you are taking her suggestions into consideration and solicit more information. “Oh I have heard of those scissors but have not used them personally, can you tell me more about them?” Chances are, the client will not be able to elaborate on the reasons why you should change your techniques, tools, etc., and will stop correcting you. The key is to NOT sound sarcastic. It is imperative that you sound genuinely interested and upbeat. It will subtly indicate to the client that she does not know as much as she thinks she does, and she will believe she came to the realization all on her own.


The most important thing to remember when dealing with a difficult client is that you are providing a service, not a product. You will not be able to please everyone, but you can build a reputation for being kind, patient, and accommodating–which will serve you well not only with clients, but also with colleagues and management. Take a deep breath and (gently) grab those scissors. There’s a reason you’ve taken your career to the next level of expertise. You’ve got this.

Salon Spotlight: Heidi Jobe with Envy Ink @ Image Studios South Jordan

Meet Heidi! She’s one of our newest and very talented permanent makeup artists at the South Jordan location:

Name Heidi Jobe

Salon Name Envy Ink

Profession Permanent Makeup Artist

Location South Jordan

Studio # 114

Phone Number (678) 522-5376


Facebook Page


Astrology Sign Aries

What does your sign say about you? Determined, bold, fierce, independent, kind, compassionate

How long have you been in the industry? 5 years

The moment you knew this was what you were meant to do When I purchased an existing business. I was commiteed and lvoe what I do from the very beginning!

How long have you been at Image Studios 360? 1 month

Why did you choose Image Studios 360? Location, walk-in clientele, cleanliness and  a great vibe

Your beauty philosophy Less is best.

Any awards, accomplishments or things you’re proud of? Certified by American Academy of Micropigmentation; advanced training in scar camouflage and areola pigmentation. Every October a portion of my proceeds go to benefit a charity or organization involved in the treatment or prevention of breast cancer.

Favorite thing about your job? My clients!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? The ability to take away stress and worry!

You just won front row seats to your “dream concert” who is singing to you? Lee Brice or Chris Young

You never want to see, hear, or be asked to do this by a guest again: Just fill in one little place. Please.


Thanks Heidi and welcome to the team!

Top 3 Tips For Client Satisfaction

It is a given that hair stylists possess creativity and talent to attract and keep their clientele.  Clients will always expect a great cut or color from their stylist.  Sometimes it is the little things that have nothing to do with how you style hair that keep your customers coming back.  Here are some salon success tips that will help your salon provide service that is a cut above the rest.

1) Start at the Beginning

If at all possible, have a real person answer the phone and schedule appointments.  Make it easy for clients to find you – whether that’s online booking, a direct phone or text line, or an assistant/personal receptionist managing your schedule. From the customer’s perspective, it is so much easier to simply interact with a representative who can determine what times are available and answer a few simple questions.  Making the appointment setting process simple and efficient helps your clientele feel you value their time.

2) Don’t Overbook

If you are a great hair stylist, eventually you will double book your appointments to fit in your clientele.  However, if you regularly make your customers wait 20 or 30 minutes every time they come in, eventually they will move on to another stylist who is ready to help them right away.  Most individuals lead very busy lives.  Often they have to coordinate with the babysitter and/or juggle multiple schedules just to dedicate time at your salon.  Respecting your customer’s time shows you put their needs first.

3) Cleanliness Counts

It is difficult to keep your salon atmosphere neat and clean when swamped with appointments, but customers appreciate establishments that take the time to keep up with basic housekeeping.  If your assistant is not taking phone calls, have them sweep the floors, straighten the magazines and pick up any trash left.  Most individuals expect a little pampering when they visit a salon and a clean atmosphere adds to their experience.  If your studio regularly gives the impression that dirt and grime are constant fixtures, it will give off a negative vibe to your customers.  Keep your clients comfortable and happy in a clean and beautiful environment.

To summarize, salons that offer their customers a great look, along with a hassle-free experience in positive surroundings have a winning combination that is hard to beat.

New Year – New Studio! Decorating Ideas For Your Salon Space

Congratulations!  You’ve decided to open your own Image Studios 360 salon.  One of the exciting things about owning your own salon is adding your own personalized decorating touches.  It helps you feel comfortable and at home in a place where you spend a great deal of your day.  In addition, it creates an inviting atmosphere for your clients so they can feel pampered and special.  Whether you’re decorating for the first time or just need a little studio sprucing for the new year, here some key tips to follow.

  • Focal Point
    • When decorating your salon, focus on making a statement with large items such as mirrors, lighting and comfortable seating for guests.  If you focus on decorating with small items, along with the necessary clutter from your salon tools, the overall picture will overwhelm the senses and take away from the relaxing mood you are trying to create.  If you want to decorate with bold colors, that’s fine, but it is better to wow your guests with a pop of color here and there than to overdo it.  In fact, a bold piece or two will do more to add polish than to overpower your salon with bold colors everywhere.
  • Surrounding Environment
    • Evaluate your community surroundings when determining what kind of theme you would like to offer your clients. If your salon is located in or near a historic district, consider finishing touches that go hand-in-hand with the local neighborhood.  If your main clientele consists of mostly men, they will most likely feel more comfortable in a more masculine environment.
  • Self-reflection 
    • With so many different styles out there, how do you choose? The best advice is to stay true to yourself. Your studio space should reflect who you are and your own creative style – you will be the one in it the majority of the time anyway! Let your creative side take charge and reflect who you are in your own way.

If you’re looking for more salon-themed inspiration there are lots of ideas online.  You can simply search for “salon ideas” in your favorite search engine or visit a site like Etsy or Pinterest for great ideas. Check out some of our very own pro’s studios for inspiration!


 Alter Ego – South Jordan                                                                      The Beauty Room – South Jordan


                       Wax Me Too – Draper                                                         Alchemy Studio – Fort Union 

How a VIP Program Can Increase Your Customer Loyalty

Creating customer loyalty is a crucial way of being a successful business. A loyalty reward program is a great way to get your customers coming back for more. One that is poorly understood is a VIP program.

What Is A VIP Program?

VIP programs are those that your customers have to pay to join. These programs offer a variety of benefits that are unique to paying customers, such as access to unique services, discounted prices, and more.

Example Of A Good VIP Program

While it might be hard to imagine a good VIP program in action, consider Amazon Prime. This program requires users to pay just $99 a year to receive a variety of high-quality benefits.

For example, people who pay for this program get free two-day shipping on all their orders. They also get access to unlimited streaming of certain movies and mp3 albums. Customers who use Prime spend double of those who don’t, more than making up for potential losses.

Creating Your Own VIP Program

While your business likely can’t absorb a large loss, a VIP program of some time can still be used. For example, in your studio you could offer a VIP package that includes free bang trims, product discounts or simple touch ups between appointments for your VIP members.

This will cost you a little money, but if you charge a fair VIP price (such as $50-100 per customer), you can gain back some of the loss and likely gain loyal customers who will come back to you and create client loyalty.

Check out more ideas on #BehindtheChair loyalty programs here.

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