How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Salon Suite?

February 16, 2023

Are you a hairstylist, barber, esthetician, nail artist, lash artist, eyebrow threader, massage therapist, or other beauty professional looking for the perfect salon suite to rent to start your own business? Well, you’re in luck because IMAGE Studios is the premier salon suite brand in the country with locations in 24 states (and growing). We’ve outlined some information below that will help you make the best decision for your business.

The cost of renting a salon suite can vary quite a bit depending on where you live. If you’re looking to rent a salon suite in a big city like New York City, LA, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, or Philadelphia, you might be looking at rates ranging anywhere from $325 to $800 per week or more depending on the size and location of your salon suite. If you’re looking to rent a salon suite in cities such as Denver, St Louis, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Ft Lauderdale, Pittsburgh, Newark, Columbus, or Cincinnati, rates might vary anywhere from $295 to $550 or more per week. If you’re in smaller markets such as Reno or Boise you can expect to pay anywhere from $225 to $450 or more per week for a salon studio.

So, what else can affect the cost of a salon suite?

Location is a big factor. If you’re in a prime spot with lots of foot traffic or in a popular shopping center, you can expect to pay a bit more for rent. Similarly, if you’re in a city with a high cost of living, the rental rates might be higher.

Size also matters when it comes to salon suite rentals. A larger suite will be more expensive than a smaller one, but it can be a more cost-effective option to rent a larger suite if you plan on sharing the space with other professionals. 

And don’t forget about amenities! At IMAGE Studios you get the most amenities for your money compared to Sola, My Salon Suite, Phenix Salon Suites, or Salons by JC. IMAGE Studios salon suites are the most luxurious salon suites in the country, which is why we’re the number one choice for beauty professionals. Our all-inclusive rent rates can vary anywhere from $250 to $800 per week or more depending on size and location, and includes important benefits such as a spacious lobby, high-end design and finishes, luxury seating and lighting, even upscale restrooms. Take a peek inside your salon suite and you’ll see that we’ve spared no expense to bring you the very best furniture and equipment like a luxury shampoo station, custom high quality millwork, built in color bar, built in hand sinks, and beautiful sliding glass doors. Click here to take a virtual tour of our salon suites to see for yourself the IMAGE difference. 

Most importantly, when you’re embarking on opening your own salon, it’s important to go with the best salon suite if you want to level up in your career and charge higher prices, set your own hours, and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. There’s no time like now to take the leap to become an entrepreneur. This is why more beauty professionals choose IMAGE Studios, the number one salon suite brand. Click here to find a location near you or to search for a beauty professional.

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