New Year – New Studio! Decorating Ideas For Your Salon Space

January 22, 2017

Congratulations!  You’ve decided to open your own Image Studios 360 salon.  One of the exciting things about owning your own salon is adding your own personalized decorating touches.  It helps you feel comfortable and at home in a place where you spend a great deal of your day.  In addition, it creates an inviting atmosphere for your clients so they can feel pampered and special.  Whether you’re decorating for the first time or just need a little studio sprucing for the new year, here some key tips to follow.

  • Focal Point
    • When decorating your salon, focus on making a statement with large items such as mirrors, lighting and comfortable seating for guests.  If you focus on decorating with small items, along with the necessary clutter from your salon tools, the overall picture will overwhelm the senses and take away from the relaxing mood you are trying to create.  If you want to decorate with bold colors, that’s fine, but it is better to wow your guests with a pop of color here and there than to overdo it.  In fact, a bold piece or two will do more to add polish than to overpower your salon with bold colors everywhere.
  • Surrounding Environment
    • Evaluate your community surroundings when determining what kind of theme you would like to offer your clients. If your salon is located in or near a historic district, consider finishing touches that go hand-in-hand with the local neighborhood.  If your main clientele consists of mostly men, they will most likely feel more comfortable in a more masculine environment.
  • Self-reflection 
    • With so many different styles out there, how do you choose? The best advice is to stay true to yourself. Your studio space should reflect who you are and your own creative style – you will be the one in it the majority of the time anyway! Let your creative side take charge and reflect who you are in your own way.

If you’re looking for more salon-themed inspiration there are lots of ideas online.  You can simply search for “salon ideas” in your favorite search engine or visit a site like Etsy or Pinterest for great ideas. Check out some of our very own pro’s studios for inspiration!


 Alter Ego – South Jordan                                                                      The Beauty Room – South Jordan


                       Wax Me Too – Draper                                                         Alchemy Studio – Fort Union 

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