Tina Edwards

Sweet Growth Salon | Alameda, CA

2690 5th Street, Suite D, Alameda, CA 94501

Services Offered

All Over Color
Brazilian Blowout Treatment
Chemical Straightening
Curly Cuts
Dimensional Color
Event & Wedding Hair
Fashion color
Hair Stylist
Hair cuts
Hair extensions
Precision & Razor cuts


Christina Edwards is not just a hairstylist; she’s a virtuoso
in the world of beauty, weaving together skill, creativity,
and a deep love for community into every strand she
touches. With over 20 years of experience in the industry,
Christina’s mastery in hair artistry is evident in the
elegance, innovation, and precision of her work. Her
hands are gentle yet confident, shaping styles that not only
enhance the natural beauty but also reflect the personality
and essence of each client.
But Christina’s brilliance goes beyond her ability to craft
breathtaking hairstyles; it’s her genuine passion for people
and community that sets her apart. As the esteemed
Owner of Sweet Growth Salon and a Full-Time Professor of
Cosmetology at Laney College in Oakland, she has devoted
her life to nurturing talent, fostering growth, and building
connections. Her salon is more than a business; it’s a
thriving community hub where young professionals find
mentorship, clients find warmth, and everyone finds a
sense of belonging.
Christina’s leadership qualities shine through in the
classroom as well. Her students are not merely taught;
they are inspired, guided, and empowered. She instills in
them not just the skills needed to succeed in the beauty
industry but the values and confidence required to
become leaders themselves. Her commitment to her
students is unwavering, and her ability to connect and
uplift is unparalleled.
With a heart firmly rooted in service, Christina’s impact
extends beyond her salon and classroom. Whether it’s
partnering with brands like Sephora to provide
scholarships and internships or engaging in local
community events, her actions speak of a profound
commitment to positive change and inclusivity.
In Christina Edwards, you find a rare blend of artistry,
empathy, leadership, and community spirit. She’s not just
shaping hairstyles; she’s shaping lives, building bridges,
and creating a legacy of beauty, growth, and connection.

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