IMAGE Studios® Salon Suites in Delray Beach, FL

Gregory Barouh & Gabriella Barouh

Delray Beach, FL

Delray Beach
Delray Beach, FL

(561) 699-0191

Creativity, Freedom, Success

IMAGE Studios® is coming to the Delray Beach, FL area!

WHO WE ARE: IMAGE Studios® was designed for industry professionals like you, making it possible to have your own salon and be your own boss. Our concept is simple: we provide an incredible space and atmosphere – you bring your passion, talent, and clientele. Together we create an intoxicating formula for success.

YOUR STUDIO: Each studio will include everything you will need to operate your own salon, including a shampoo bowl, mirror, styling chair, cabinetry, and specialty lighting. This eliminates a large amount of up-front costs and expenditures you would normally incur if you opened a traditional salon on your own. It also minimizes the risk and reduces overhead for you drastically. Because we offer affordable rent, very little up-front costs or investment, and business support, IMAGE Studios® provides a unique and appealing opportunity that seasoned stylists such as yourself can’t pass up.

For more information about our location please contact Gabriella Barouh at (561) 699-0191.

Types of Salon Spaces

Information about the different types of professionals and spaces available