Why Image Studios Has Such A Diverse Group Of Beauty Professionals, And Why That’s Incredibly Important To Anyone Looking To Open Their Own Business In A Salon Suite

IMAGE Studios offers a unique opportunity for your business to grow and thrive. By setting up shop in one of our high-traffic salon suites, you’ll be in good company with a diverse group of beauty professionals, including estheticians, nail artists, makeup artists, massage therapists, eyebrow threaders, permanent makeup artists, and more. The mix of professionals provides valuable networking opportunities, allowing you to cross-promote your business and receive client referrals.

Our brand, IMAGE, is known for its attractive appearance, but it’s the community that sets us apart. Our professionals don’t just come for the Instagram-worthy decor, they come for the sense of belonging in a supportive, non-competitive environment. Here, the success of one professional is celebrated by all, and clients can be shared instead of feared. This collective mindset is unmatched in the salon industry and leads to a thriving community of entrepreneurs.

IMAGE Studios has the greatest amount of professional diversity compared to My Salon Suite and other competing brands in the salon suite industry. While most brands average around 80% hair stylists as their tenant base, and 20% estheticians, nail and lash artists, IMAGE Studios is much more diverse – across the country our salon suites attract a much broader array of beauty professionals, with hair stylists and barbers comprising of 50-55% of our total tenant base, and estheticians, nail and lash artists, along with medical esthetics professionals, permanent makeup artists, and other beauty professionals making up 45-50%. This tenant diversity is incredibly important and creates communities of beauty professionals that tend to be more networked and connected to each other because they can refer clients back and forth. When a salon suite is mostly hair professionals it makes it much harder to create a community and culture that encourages people to refer clients back and forth to each other. By simply opening a business at IMAGE Studios, a beauty professional has an opportunity to grow their business further by joining a community of other beauty specialists offering complimentary services.

Salon Spotlight: Jackie May @ South Jordan Image Studios 360

Meet Jackie May! One of our newest talented stylists @ Image Studios South Jordan:

Name Jackie May
Profession Cosmetologist
Location South Jordan Studio # 123
Email jackierileymay@gmail.com
Phone Number (801) 859-9769
Facebook Page https://m.facebook.com/jack.riley.773?ref=bookmarks
Your Instagram @jackiemay.hairbyjack
Astrology Sign Libra
How long have you been in the industry? 8 years
The moment you knew this was what you meant to do When I was in 2nd grade, I told everyone I wanted to go to hair school at Harvard.
How long have you been at Image Studios 360? 1 month
Why did you choose Image Studios 360 Freedom to grow my own business within a studio.
Your beauty philosophy Hair is your best accessory.
My favorite thing about my job is Getting to know clients on a personal level when I am almost like their therapist.
If I could have one super power, it would be? Know what the future holds for me.
You just won front row seats to your “dream concert”. Who is singing to you? John Legend

Thanks Jackie and welcome to the Image Studios 360 family! Check out some of Jackie’s work:


Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Clients

As Christmas rolls around once again, you may find yourself eager to show your appreciation to your tried-and-true clients. Showing this appreciation by presenting them with gifts doesn’t have to eat up your December tips. To ensure that your gift-giving doesn’t leave you without holiday money to spend, select some affordable yet thoughtful presents for your clients.

1) As a stylist, giving your clients hair accessories is the perfect way to go if you know the types of hair accessories they typically use. For example, if one of your clients always shows up to her appointment with her hair in a ponytail, buy her several jewelry ponytail wraps that she can use to jazz up this simple look. Hairbands, hair scarves and clips are also useful gifts.

2) Delight your clients with some product samples that they can try out. Create a sample pack for each of your clients, filling the gift bags with travel-sized versions of products you offer in your salon, which you can likely obtain for free.

3) Give your clients musical gifts that they can put to use when styling their hair at home. Create mixed CDs, featuring tunes that you regularly play in your salon. Craft labels for the CDs with your name along with a listing of the tunes. Pair the CDs with notes telling your clients to pop the CDs in the next time they set about doing their hair to make the process potentially a bit less tedious.

4) Notes/Magnets with a Gratitude Quote. Find an appropriate quote and (more ideas here) to personalize post-it notes, notepads, or magnets.

5) You might also present a client with a useful gift that she can display on her desk or in her home. Buy her a photo frame in wood or metal. Replace the image that comes with a frame with a note in which you promise to always keep her looking “picture perfect” or “ready for her closeup.”

6) Give a client the gift of some free service by presenting her with a gift certificate. Create a certificate for an entirely free hair appointment, or offer her just a portion of your service for free, such as giving her a certificate for a free highlighting with the purchase of a cut. Because this certificate won’t cost you a thing until redemption, you won’t have to put out a lot of money upfront. An alternative to hair services is to give your clients gift certificates to a local gourmet coffee shop.

7) Foot Soak in a Bottle. Package Epsom salt and sea salt in a clear bottle. Add lemon or orange rind, mint, eucalyptus, lavender, or tea leaves with a favorite scent. Cork the bottle and add a note giving instructions to pour into water and relax.

8) Paraffin with Massage. Sometimes you just can’t afford to gift clients, no matter how good your intentions. If money is tight, offer to wrap clients’ hands in paraffin or moisturizing lotion, and give her a free hand massage with her service.

Whenever possible, be sure to brand your gifts with your contact information to keep your clients thinking of you throughout the holiday season. Giving even a simple gift will make your clients feel special and appreciated with warm holiday cheer from their favorite beauty professional.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Image Studios 360!

4 Ways to Increase Your Bottom Line This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: a time when spending is up and customers are coming through your door in droves. It’s also a time when you want to increase your bottom line as you take care of as much of that holiday spending as possible. If you want to increase your bottom line this holiday season, these tips will help.

1. Up-sell your products. When a customer comes in looking for one product, let them know that you want them to get even more out of their shopping experience and offer others with it. Up-selling is a great way to increase your bottom line–but you have to do it right! This includes waiting to up-sell until a customer has decided for certain that they’re going to make a purchase, offering an item that’s relevant to the original purchase, and discounting the up-sell so that it’s financially worthwhile for your customer to make the purchase immediately instead of putting it off for later.

2. Give add-on services. It’s easy to offer a customer an additional service that goes along with their package. For example, a customer coming in to have their hair done for a holiday party might be interested in having their makeup done at the same time for a discounted price. If you’re doing a bikini wax, adding on a leg wax for a lower-than-usual price may appeal to your customer. These add-on prices may substantially increase your holiday revenue.

3. Offer gift cards. When you don’t necessarily offer a tangible product, but rather services, it can be hard to attract holiday customers. The solution? Offer gift cards so that you have a gift your customers can put under the tree. Order your gift cards here! 

4. Put together package deals. During the holidays, it’s all about the savings. If you want to attract customers, offer a package deal: a manicure and pedicure on the same gift certificate for a lower price, an all-inclusive beauty package for the holidays, or whatever else you think will appeal to your unique customer base.

Increasing your bottom line during the holidays can help improve your shop’s outlook for the coming year. By following these four simple tips, you can increase your bottom line this holiday season. You know what your customers want–now, all you have to do is give it to them!

Salon Spotlight: Melissa Burnett @ Image Studios Fort Union

Meet Melissa Burnett!

Nail Artist @ Image Studios 360 Fort Union

Studio # 105


How long have you been in the beauty industry? –Almost 9 years

Astrology Sign: –Gemini

What was the moment you knew this is what you were meant to do? –I have always been inspired by the beauty industry. I decided to become a nail tech to show people they can be beautiful and help them achieve that.

What made you choose Image Studios? –The salon is was working in for almost 2 years was closing suddenly. I believed in myself and loved the idea of being my own boss, and the fact that it is a solid business and will not be going anywhere. Its a great environment for my clients and myself.

What’s your beauty philosophy? –If people don’t like what you look like, then they don’t need to look at you! The only person you need to be pleasing is yourself! 

What’s your favorite thing about your job? –I can show my creativity on a daily basis, and I get to make a new friend with each client!

Thanks Melissa! We love having you at Image Studios 360!


Contact Melissa at Startstruck Beauty for your next appointment!
(801) 573-3148



Check out more of her work here:


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