How a VIP Program Can Increase Your Customer Loyalty

January 6, 2017

Creating customer loyalty is a crucial way of being a successful business. A loyalty reward program is a great way to get your customers coming back for more. One that is poorly understood is a VIP program.

What Is A VIP Program?

VIP programs are those that your customers have to pay to join. These programs offer a variety of benefits that are unique to paying customers, such as access to unique services, discounted prices, and more.

Example Of A Good VIP Program

While it might be hard to imagine a good VIP program in action, consider Amazon Prime. This program requires users to pay just $99 a year to receive a variety of high-quality benefits.

For example, people who pay for this program get free two-day shipping on all their orders. They also get access to unlimited streaming of certain movies and mp3 albums. Customers who use Prime spend double of those who don’t, more than making up for potential losses.

Creating Your Own VIP Program

While your business likely can’t absorb a large loss, a VIP program of some time can still be used. For example, in your studio you could offer a VIP package that includes free bang trims, product discounts or simple touch ups between appointments for your VIP members.

This will cost you a little money, but if you charge a fair VIP price (such as $50-100 per customer), you can gain back some of the loss and likely gain loyal customers who will come back to you and create client loyalty.

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