How to Gear Up for the Busy Holiday Season: 4 Tips for Salon Professionals

November 29, 2016

The holiday season represents cherished family memories, thoughtful gifts, jolly festivities and of course, a more prosperous time businesses. Wondering what can help prepare and capitalize your salon business during the holidays? Here are 4 tips for salon professionals and how to gear up for the busy holiday season:


#1: Devise a Plan with your Assistants

Prepare your assistants or staff for the busiest shopping season of the year. Conduct weekly meetings, develop marketing strategies together, discuss products and help keep their spirits up during this overwhelming work time. Don’t forget to show them a real appreciation for all of their hard work. When your staff has a set goal, stays happy and feels in the loop, you increase your chances of heightened sales and success.


#2: Update your Mailing List Promotions

Make sure to update your clientele contact list and keep them updated on all of your time-limited holiday promotions, as well as other events. Inform them of important dates, times, special discounts, etc. Inform them of all the amazing deals that you are offering during the season. Also, don’t be afraid to actively promote on social media, blogs, and other local websites as well. The clients who accidentally miss your e-mails are less likely to also miss out on your other posts as long as its out there.


#3: Advertise Gift Certificates

Follow suit with other businesses and boost your own advertisement for holiday gift certificates. Let your clientele know that instead of buying cookies and wine as gifts, they can give the wonderful gift of an invigorating, pampered experience to someone special. Most people want gift cards and salons who sell more gift cards gain more clients. In fact, half of customers trying a salon for the first time are more likely to return back because they received a gift card and enjoyed their luxurious visit. Create a unique gift card offer and advertise it vigorously. Stock up on  gift certificates and order here.


#4: Host a Holiday Party

Invite your clientele to a holiday party where they can try out numerous products, participate in raffles, games and receive take home goodie bags with samples to try. Decorate your salon with festive, fun, holiday cheer and present tasty baked goods and snacks. Get to know your guests, their preferences, offer them gift ideas and find out what products they love and dislike. Make them feel that their invitation was personal and intended to cater to their needs. They’ll be more enthusiastic to return to your salon for their next appointment and recommend your salon to their friends too.

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