IMAGE Salon Suite Benefits: Be Your Own Boss

January 29, 2023
IMAGE Salon Suite Benefits: Be Your Own Boss

Success is a core value at IMAGE Studios®. We’re proud of the way our founder, Jason Olsen, built this business after making the decision to become his own boss. His success largely grew out of nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in others.

Today, thousands of beauty professionals across the country who needed help starting a business know the deep pleasure of being their own boss thanks to Olsen and IMAGE Studios.

Need more reasons for why being your own boss is the best? Read on for the lowdown on how you can own a salon in no time without fearing the common pitfalls of many startup businesses by taking advantage of the training and support from IMAGE Studios.

Benefits Of Owning Your Own Salon Studio Space

Let’s get into the salon suite benefits you can expect when you join thousands of successful beauty professionals who got a running start with IMAGE Studios. We offer each salon studio for rent as a separate, private unit that comes equipped with:

If this is your first time being a business owner, benefits of being in one of our suites may seem routine. But finding and outfitting a raw space with all the necessary and specialized equipment you need can be expensive, which makes it difficult for many talented pros to own a salon by themselves.

That’s why an IMAGE salon suite is a great choice for starting a business. How to be your own boss 101 starts right here!

Your benefits for taking the boss plunge with an IMAGE salon suite include:

Work When You Want To

Design your schedule around your clientele and your life, not someone else’s agenda. Got clients on the weekends but prefer your weekdays free? No problem. Like to fit all your work hours into three or four days a week? Go for it. Never want to have to clock in before noon again? Your dream can be a reality when you own a salon with IMAGE Studios.

Set Your Own Prices

When you rent a chair in someone else’s salon, you’re often bound to adhere to their fee schedule — which means you might not be getting the rates your skills and experience warrant. One of the IMAGE Salon Suite benefits most beauty professionals prize the most is the freedom to set their own prices. Your rates are between you and your clients, so we keep our nose out of it.

Unleash Your Creativity

Your IMAGE salon is the clean slate on which you can build your brand while creating your ideal workspace. From wild wallpaper to lush greenery to bespoke artwork to moody lighting, your creativity and originality are welcome and encouraged in your personal salon studio. In fact, we reward the artistry of our professionals with our annual Studio Design Awards for regional and national standouts.

Build Your Clientele

You likely have a loyal clientele that would follow you to nearly any location. But if you’re leaving a busy group salon to strike out on your own, you need to grow that client list. One of your business owner benefits with IMAGE studies is access to tech that makes booking appointments and taking payments a breeze. Clients appreciate easy digital payment options and seamless appointment apps. Not only do you get our advice and recommendations for technical solutions, you’ll be part of a community of colleagues working together in a supportive, luxuriously appointed environment — where potential clients abound.

Keep Your Profits

Handing over a portion of your earnings to the salon owner every month stings; doesn’t it? When you own a salon with IMAGE Studios, you keep every dime you make. Are IMAGE salon suites profitable? Yes — but don’t just take our word for it! Check out what other professionals have to say about their success in IMAGE salon studios across the country.

Starting a Business: How to Make the Dream a Reality

It may seem daunting to take the reins as your own boss. But remember that you’ve got help starting a business right here. From finding a salon studio for rent in your area to honing your business skills and building your brand, we’re with you every step of the way to being your own boss!

Find a Salon Space

Start by taking our virtual salon tour to get an idea of the high-end vibe your IMAGE salon studio will have. If you tried to find a turnkey place like this on your own, you’d be quickly deterred by real estate and remodeling prices. IMAGE Studios locations are spread across the country, so there’s sure to be one in your neck of the woods. And if you’re looking for the chance to relocate and own a salon, now’s a great time to explore new places!

Create a Business Plan

It can be tough to figure out the business end of how to open a salon. No matter how artistic, talented and skilled you are with hair, makeup, brows or nails, the learning curve for being your own boss is steep. Our story of success was only possible because we have always been committed to helping other entrepreneurs realize their full potential. Your business owner benefits with IMAGE Studios include industry training and educational opportunities that will help grow your acumen on topics like client retention, email marketing strategies and expenditure tracking.

Build Relationships & Your Brand

As part of the IMAGE salon studios community, you’ll have opportunities to meet other professionals and share insight on everything from social media strategies to the latest beauty trends to managing holiday stress. You’ll also get a slew of ready-to-use marketing materials, including personalized business cards, appointment reminders, loyalty cards and more. These beautifully designed and professional-looking items help you hit the ground running as your own boss.

Grow Your Business Skills

Probably the most valuable IMAGE Studios benefits are our marketing and business courses. Our highest goal is to inspire and motivate our salon owners to achieve their fullest potential — and that means giving you the educational tools to grow your own business skills. Build your brand, hone your social media prowess, develop managerial competency and more in our live Zoom workshops tailored to beauty professionals and made available without additional fee as part of the IMAGE business owner benefits package.

Business Programs with IMAGE Studios

The IMAGE Studios Business Program delivers all our starting-a-business how-to skills to the comfort of your laptop. Even if you have no idea how to open a salon, these courses can help you become your own boss and realize your dream of salon ownership. Ready to dive into the exciting world of entrepreneurship and open your own salon? IMAGE Studios has your back.

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