The Perfect Salon Suite for Successful Lash Artists

If you’re a lash artist looking to start your own business, you may be considering a number of different options on what salon suite you should rent from. If you’re a successful lash artist you’ll want to find a salon suite that reflects your level of experience and expertise, which is why IMAGE Studios is the number one choice for lash artists across the country. Here are a few reasons why IMAGE Studios is the perfect fit for your lash business:

Cost savings: Renting a salon suite can be more affordable than renting your own retail space in a strip mall or retail center, as you only have to pay for your own space rather than being responsible for a larger rent payment. This can be especially appealing for new businesses or those just starting out.

Flexibility: A salon suite offers greater flexibility with shorter lease terms than traditional leases. IMAGE Studios also allows you the flexibility of sharing a studio with another professional.


Freedom to build your own brand: As a salon suite owner, you have complete control over your schedule, pricing, and services offered. You can choose your own clients and build your own clientele, rather than being assigned clients by a salon owner. This allows you to create a unique brand and identity for your business. 

The ability to grow your business: When you open your own lash business at a salon suite such as IMAGE Studios, you are locating your business in a high traffic salon suite. IMAGE Studios has the greatest diversity of professionals (surprise, we’re not just hair stylists like other salon suites!) including estheticians, nail artists, makeup artists, massage therapists, eyebrow threaders, permanent makeup artists, and more. When you locate your business at IMAGE Studios you can take advantage of networking with numerous other beauty pros that can potentially refer some of their clients to your business, and vice versa. 

Access to amenities: Many salon suites come equipped with basic amenities like chairs and mirrors, which can save you the time and cost of setting up your own workspace. Some salon suites may also offer additional amenities like a reception area or a private bathroom, which can be convenient for both you and your clients.

Overall, a salon suite can be a great option for a lash artist looking to start their own business. It offers cost savings, flexibility, and the freedom to build your own brand, as well as access to amenities that can make your business more efficient and convenient.

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The Latest Growth Trends in the Lash Industry

The lash industry has seen substantial growth in recent years, with total revenue from eyelash extensions reaching $270 million in 2018, compared to $124.95 million in 2015 in the US. The industry also recorded a 31% increase in USD and 15% in volume of falsies in 2018. 80% of the top ten eyelash extension brands in the US are owned by two companies, with Ardell Fashion leading the way with $18.6 million in revenue, followed by Kiss Ever EZ Lashes and Salon Perfectly Glamorous

Despite the waning impact of COVID, economists predict continued growth for the industry, with North America experiencing the highest growth, accounting for 37% of the market. The online lash industry is expected to grow even faster, with a compounded growth rate of 7.1% well into 2025 and beyond. 

When it comes to lash technicians, over 25% have 5+ years of experience and 89% are trained in some way. Currently 74% holding a cosmetology or beauty license, 37% of artists have the potential to increase their income by offering additional beauty services, and 74% of technicians carry insurance for their work.

Lash artists face challenges in after-care for clients and fixing mistakes made by other artists. Over 50% of technicians have had to deal with clients with allergic reactions to falsies at least once a year, making allergy-patch tests a crucial step in avoiding this problem. 

IMAGE Studios is a great place for lash artists to open their own business within one of our salon suites. For a virtual tour of IMAGE Studios, click here. To find an IMAGE Studios near you, please check out our locations page.

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