Benefits of Touring IMAGE Studios Salon Suites

April 23, 2023
Benefits of Touring IMAGE Studios Salon Suites

Are you ready to step into your own realm of creativity, freedom and #success? Looking to rent a salon studio to grow your beauty business — but not sure how to find the right fit?

IMAGE Studios has your back with salon rental suites for every entrepreneur in the industry, from hair stylists to aestheticians to barbers to MedSpa professionals to makeup artists to massage therapists to lash and nail technicians.

Before you take that leap, though, it’s a best practice to take a salon studio tour. How else will you know whether an IMAGE Studio salon is right for you?

Let’s take a look at why you should take a salon tour before signing a lease and how IMAGE Studio tours can help you make the best choice for your professional future.

Importance of Touring Salon Studios

More than a decade ago, IMAGE Studios Salon Suites was born from a passion for helping beauty professionals realize their dreams. Today, we continue to offer support for entrepreneurs in our industry with beautifully designed, luxuriously appointed salon rental suites.

Here’s why touring a salon suite near you — or in the area you want to relocate to — is vital to ensuring your long-term success:

See Salon Rental Suites IRL

Were you blown away by the stunning pics of our most recent Salon Design Awards winners? They really showcase the ingenuity and creativity that some of your future colleagues bring to their workspace every day. Studio tours afford you the opportunity to get up close and personal with these spaces. When you see the designs and decorations in real life, you’ll be even more impressed with the individuality we encourage at IMAGE Studios.

Determine Safety and Accessibility

Do you need to rent a salon studio that’s accessible for your elderly or physically challenged clients? Are you concerned about the safety of certain neighborhoods in your city? Have you been frustrated by salon rental suites that don’t give you 24/7 access to the building? These kinds of questions can only be addressed and answered by taking studio tours that reveal more than just the floorplan of the space.

Check Out IMAGE Studios Amenities

All IMAGE Studios salon suites come fully equipped for service on day one. Your salon rental suite includes:

In a salon tour, you’ll see how all that is surrounded by jaw-dropping European design with glass walls, open ceilings and luxurious fixtures in a modern facility that features clean restrooms, waiting areas with seating and more. And if you’re worried about how much it costs to rent a salon studio from us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Our all-inclusive rates make it way easier to launch your business than trying to find all this on your own.

Explore the Surrounding Community

With IMAGE Studios locations across the country, you can be a salon owner anywhere you like. Want to stay close to your clientele in your hometown? We’re there for you. Looking for a new start in a bigger city? We’ve got salon rental suites near Cleveland, Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles and other cosmopolitan centers. Whether you prefer the beach, verdant countryside, year-round sunshine or the thrill of changing seasons, we’ve got the perfect locale for your new business. Tour our facilities and you’ll have the chance to explore the shops, restaurants and cultural attractions nearby that will enhance your everyday routine.

Salon Tour Benefits

As with any business tour, getting a look at our salon suites involves more than the brick-and-mortar aspects of the place. Taking the time for a salon tour benefits you in intangible but invaluable ways! You’ll get to:

Learn What’s Included

As an IMAGE salon studio owner, you get more than a gorgeous place to work. You’ll hit the ground running with professionally designed marketing materials, like business cards, appointment reminders and more. Plus, we’ll set you up with your free, personalized website and the GlossGenius app for seamless appointments and payment processing. Beyond that, we keep your brand growing with our IMAGE Pro Success educational program of marketing and business courses. These free resources help develop your professional skills and keep you on the road to ultimate success.

Discover Available Resources

Another reason studio tours are so important is the opportunity they afford for meeting other beauty industry entrepreneurs who are living your dream. The big question most beginners have is how to build clientele and create brand identity. As an IMAGE Studios salon suite owner, you’ll be part of a community of professionals who can share insights into trends, advice about products and ideas for expanding your client list. It’s truly the answer to ending the rental-chair treadmill of isolation and seclusion from your peers — as you and your colleagues will all be working together toward your common goal of a more beautiful world.

Get Insider Tips and Info

Want to see how other beauty professionals are realizing their #careergoals in our rental salon suites before taking a tour? Check out these testimonials from entrepreneurs like you who have already accomplished many of the benchmarks you envision. You can be one of them when you rent a salon studio from IMAGE!

Start Envisioning Your Future

Can you see it? Do you have a picture in your mind of yourself as an IMAGE salon owner? You know the benefits of being your own boss — like setting your own hours and fees, then keeping every hard-earned dollar — so the only thing left to do is make it happen. See the possibilities for your future as a business owner in an IMAGE salon studio tour.

Take a Tour With an IMAGE Studios Near You

Now, are you ready to embrace your freedom, creativity and success? Catch our vibe in an IMAGE Studios virtual salon tour and take the first step toward making your professional dream a beautiful reality.

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