Types of Salons That Thrive at IMAGE Studios

September 4, 2023

Beauty comes in many forms. Whether it’s a gorgeous updo, flawlessly permanent makeup, eye-catching nail art or to-die-for lashes, the world needs all types of beauty services — and diverse beauty pros to make it all happen!

The IMAGE Studios mission is to help launch beauty careers that might not fit the typical corporate model of one-size-fits-all beauty services. We strive to make opening a salon easier with new business support that tears down barriers and challenges outdated beliefs. We believe everyone should have the chance to experience the joys of being your own boss, regardless of the unique or specialized types of beauty services you’re skilled at.

Wondering whether an IMAGE Studios salon suite can accommodate your microblading, MedSpa, barbershop or other niche clientele?

Short answer: Yes! Longer answer: Dip into this breakdown of the types of salons that thrive in an IMAGE Studios setting, then see how our inclusive and supportive community can help make your dreams of #success a beautiful reality.

Types of Beauty Pros Welcome at IMAGE Salon Studios

You may already know many of the benefits of renting a salon suite from IMAGE, like avoiding the cost of renovating a space to meet your beauty servicing needs. But something that’s not often discussed is the wide-ranging types of beauty services available in our nationwide community of beauty professionals.

The types of salons you might find at various IMAGE Studios locations include:

Hair Stylists and Barbers

The main difference between a hair stylist and a barber is as slim as a razor blade. Both beauty pros can cut and style hair for male and female clients, but barbers are licensed to do something for men that stylists typically aren’t: straight razor shaves. This time-tested beauty service leaves a man’s face hairless and silky smooth. And while barbershops and beauty salons have traditionally been segregated along binary gender lines, those divisions have started to melt away. In fact, IMAGE Studios is the best salon suite to open a barbershop because it’ll be in close proximity to other specialized hair salons where you can refer clients with specific needs and gain clients from other beauty professionals.

Makeup Artists and Estheticians

As with any visual medium, a makeup artist’s work is deeply affected by the state of her canvas. Of course, we’re talking about a client’s healthy skin here — which is the heart and soul of an esthetician’s specialized services. Because these two beauty pros offer different types of beauty services, they can both benefit from working in tandem with cross-referrals and reciprocal consultations. This kind of collaboration is part of why IMAGE Studios ranked on Inc. Magazine’s annual list of best places to work! Starting a salon of your own close to other beauty professionals whose services complement yours adds up to greater success for everyone. And one of the benefits of touring IMAGE salon suites in person before signing a lease is that you’ll get a peek at the other types of salons in the facility.

Microblading and Tattoo Artists

Tattoos have progressed from symbols adorned by sailors and outcasts to fashionable statements of personality. It seems nearly everyone is inked these days, from Scarlett Johansen and Whoopie Goldberg to Justin Trudeau and probably your favorite aunt. But the culture in tattoo parlors has largely remained steeped in machismo. Break free from that dark, skull-filled atmosphere by starting a salon at IMAGE Studios that welcomes both a feminine touch and clients from across the gender spectrum.

And if you’re raising an eyebrow at tattoo trendiness, consider the brow struggles many face every day. From tweezing and plucking to employing pencils, gels and pomades, achieving the perfect eyebrow arch and fullness can take hours and cost a small fortune. Enter microblading — the art of simplifying the brow battle with a type of tattooing that amounts to semi-permanent makeup.

Opening a salon at IMAGE Studios for either of these two types of beauty services frees you up to consider long-term choices, like how salary or commission fit your life and income as a beauty pro.

Lash Artists and Nail Techs

We’re not batting an eyelash at the growing popularity of lash extensions and lash artists! We saw this trend coming, and we’re delighted to help these talented beauty pros find their freedom in an IMAGE Studios salon. Break away from that cramped corner of someone else’s hair salon and let your beauty career as a skilled lash artist blossom in your own space. Our luxuriously appointed and service-ready suites make opening a salon of your very own easier and more cost-effective than going it alone. And we welcome all types of beauty services, which is also part of why IMAGE Studios is the No. 1 choice for nail artists looking to open their own salon. You’ll be in good company among hair stylists and other beauty professionals who can offer client referrals and industry insight while you maintain control over your fees, hours and types of beauty services.

Massage Therapists and MedSpa Pros

With a combination of specialized hair salons and niche beauty professionals, IMAGE Studios offers customers a one-stop MedSpa experience for the ultimate in self-care. That convenience grew partly out of the growing trend of medical Botox professionals joining the salon suite revolution. If you’re a licensed massage therapist or medical pro looking for a high-traffic location where your wellness or beauty services can complement a host of client options in a high-end facility, opening a salon suite with IMAGE is your next move. Your clients will love the convenience of getting multiple types of beauty services in one place, and you’ll love the feeling of community nurtured among beauty pros taking charge of their own futures.

How IMAGE Studios Supports Diverse Beauty Professionals

Diversity and inclusion have become quasi-dangerous buzzwords to much of the corporate world. But we’ve never shied away from the cutting edge — which is why IMAGE Studios embraces a diverse group of beauty pros as an important part of opening a salon of your own. We celebrate uniqueness and creativity while supporting your entrepreneurial goals with:

Free Resources to Grow Beauty Careers

As an IMAGE Studios salon owner, you’ll hit the ground running with professionally designed hardcopy marketing materials, like grand opening mailers, business cards and more. We’ll also set you up with your own personalized website and GlossGenius, the app that impressed us with seamless appointment booking and payment processing. Plus, you’ll have free access to IMAGE Pro Success courses that help you grow the business skills you need to keep your professional life moving forward. These marketing and educational tools help support your beauty career today and far into your bright future.

Vetted Locations Bursting With Potential

Two of the most important aspects of business durability are finding the right location and building your client list. We vet all IMAGE Studios locations for their potential in terms of visibility, traffic and proximity to thriving neighborhoods. They’re all across the country, so you can choose to open a salon in your hometown or relocate to be near the beach, the mountains or a glittering cosmopolitan center. Working in an ideal space with other IMAGE Studios beauty professionals is a great way to build clientele and create brand identity through referrals and shared resources.

Luxurious Spaces You Can Customize

What’s your ideal workspace? Do you love being surrounded by lush greenery or sumptuous furnishings? Does vibrant wall art or decadent wallpaper make your heart sing? Your IMAGE Studios salon suite is the luxurious clean slate upon which you can unleash your creativity and express your personal brand. We love seeing how our beauty professionals decorate their salons so much that we reward the most innovative and inspiring efforts with our annual Studio Design Awards for regional and national recognition.

An Inclusive Community of Salon Owners

At IMAGE Studios, we’re committed to helping beauty pros of all types, races, gender identities, ages and ethnicities reach their full potential. That kind of inclusive support is why Equality Utah certified IMAGE Studios as a Business Equality Leader — a distinction that fills us with immense pride and gratitude. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but beauty careers shouldn’t be limited by the way you look, who you love or where your family came from. Our inclusive community of beauty professionals welcomes all types of beauty services to elevate and enhance the vast array of hair, skin and body types that make the world such a beautiful place.

Starting Your Own Salon Suite Business

Inspired to take the next step toward being your own boss and opening a salon? Planning and prep tips from our years of experience can help, but you hold the power to make your beauty career dream a reality. Catch the IMAGE Studios vibe in a virtual tour, then reach out — your gorgeous future as a salon-owning beauty professional awaits!

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